GarageBand for Windows

One of the most common questions I see in forums and GarageBand websites is if it is possible to run GarageBand in Windows.  And while the short answer to that question is no don’t fret because there are many great alternatives to GarageBand for Windows users.  Technically the answer to the question is yes.

GarageBand for Windows

You could spend tons of time hacking your PC to run OS X.  Judging from the comments on this video it sounds like this process might be as pleasant as gargling razor blades. Of course we are a biased party and feel that if you are getting started recording your own music that it is worth the investment to start with GarageBand.  You will be up and running faster and all of the headaches will be removed so that there is nothing standing in your path to creativity.

You can buy a late model mac mini on Craigslist or eBay for a couple hundred dollars which is less than what you will pay for some of the Windows recording software applications.  That said, here are some alternatives that I’ve had some success with with: Audacity – This is my personal favorite option because it is open source and thus extremely hackable and free.  GarageBand for Windows Download with Andy the Android Emulator and start recording. GarageBand on PC is now possible with Andy. It’s not as easy to record and mix a high quality track but the price is right and after some finessing you can bend Audacity to your will. Microsoft SongSmith This is probably the closest competing software package that Microsoft offers to GarageBand.

Its more of a melody generator. Basically you sing into it and it generates a song based on your singing.  Its pretty minimalistic but fun to mess around with and easy to get some hilarious results.trakAx is a wonderful GarageBand alternative for Windows.  With a similar interface and comparable functionality its easy to get up and running in no time.  It comes packaged with loops and instruments and brings in more iMovie functionality to let you compose videos.

It only costs $24.99 which makes it a wonderful alternative option to GarageBand for Windows users. Fruity Loops Studio 8 is an awesome tried and true digital recording studio.  It has a much steeper learning curve and is a bit pricy ($299).  Its more comparable to Logic then GarageBand.  Cakewalk is one of the number one music production packages for Windows.  Its been around for ages and is easy to get up and running and is one of the most feature rich options on the Windows market.  You can also expect it to set you back quite a few dollars.

Garageband for Windows – How to run it and Alternatives


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